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Learning Process-Based Therapy – Steven C. Hayes

My new book is finally out!
I’m incredibly excited, because I believe this book takes psychotherapy in a new direction – one that it so desperately needs.
For decades “evidence-based therapy” has seemingly required that therapists categorize their clients using syndromal labels like major depressive disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder.
These syndromes are supposed to help the field find the diseases hidden inside human suffering. But after decades of effort and many billions spent, none have been discovered.
Not a single one.
Then clinicians are told to apply “one-size-fits-all” treatment manuals to these disorders, even though the needs of the individual become lost in the process.
For the past several years Dr. Stefan Hofmann and I, along with other colleagues, have been working on an alternative: A way to practice evidence-based psychotherapy that is focused on the needs, challenges, and interests of the individual, and the biopsychosocial processes that actually make a difference in their lives.
We call this approach PROCESS-BASED THERAPY (or PBT in short).
We’ve already outlined the tenets of PBT in interviews, scholarly books, and workshops, but we haven’t had a really practical step-by-step guide to learning PBT – until now!
On December 1st we released Learning Process-Based Therapy.
The book is authored by Stefan, myself, and a skilled professional writer and young colleague, David Lorscheid, who did a masterful job making the work be more understandable.
This book is the first and only skills training manual to teach you how to target the core processes of psychological change in your therapeutic practice using modern network analysis and evolutionary science.
Please excuse me for saying it this way but I think it’s one of the most important books I’ve ever done.
It is a major shift in thinking about psychotherapy and behavior change, because it breaks with many established conventions. And you can apply it immediately in your own practice – regardless of your therapeutic orientation!
PBT is not a new therapy – it’s a new vision for what evidence-based therapy even is.
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