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Be totally attentive to inattention (J. Krishnamurti)

“Attention is not something you learn in school through concentration, or in business. To attend means to attend with your body, with your nerves, with your eyes, with your ears, mind, heart – completely. You do that when there is a tremendous crisis in your life, when something demands your whole energy, vitality and attention. Life demands attention every minute, but we are trained to inattention, and we are always trying to escape from inattention to attention. Then we ask, ‘How am I to attend? I am lazy.’ Be lazy, but be attentive totally to laziness. Be totally attentive to inattention, know that you are completely inattentive. Then you are attentive.⁠”

⁠J. Krishnamurti⁠, From Public Talk 9, Saanen, 28 July 1966⁠.

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